• Poster,Goods and DVD of "Nana Henka Ongaku Genki Uchouten Kazoku"

    risa niigaki Uchouten Kazoku

    Today Risa Niigaki participated in the first reprentation of the musical Nana Henka Ongaku Genki Uchouten Kazoku.

    A DVD which will include one of the representations of the play will release on the 21st of May and will cost 6500 yens.

    You can see the play's poster in the picture thereafter with Erina Ikuta:

    erina ikuta Uchouten Kazoku risa niigaki


    This is the profile photo of Risa:

    Risa Niigaki Uchouten Kazoku"


    And there are the goodies of the musical:

    Uchouten Kazoku risa niigaki Uchouten Kazoku risa niigaki Uchouten Kazoku risa niigaki Uchouten Kazoku risa niigakiUchouten Kazoku risa niigaki


    Source:Official site


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